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How to Set an Appointment

Click on Request Appointment to see my scheduling calendar to set up your sessions. After you have done this, be sure to bookmark the site… for future scheduling of appointments you will go to my SimplePractice portal, enter your password, and make an appointment or change an existing appointment.

Why Choose Online Therapy?

Online therapy is private, convenient, affordable, and portable! I honestly believe it is the best of both worlds; you can get great care AND keep your privacy. You can schedule online and ‘meet’ with me in the comfort of your home or a private area with internet access anywhere in Texas. Whether you call it online therapy, internet therapy, telemental health, or counseling it’s really easy to get started.

Going out of town last minute? No worries… you won’t have to reschedule or miss your appointment. Not able to drive, but have a session scheduled? No problem! Online therapy makes worrying about traffic, weather or missing appointments due to sickness or emergency a thing of the past.

This format is especially nice for clients with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or concerns about privacy. My separate online therapy site (SimplePractice) is HIPAA compliant, which means your privacy is 100% guaranteed. I have heard numerous people say, “I could never get my partner to go to therapy!” or ” I don’t want anyone to know that I am in therapy.” Well, now you do not have to leave the comfort of your home. We can talk more about the convenience of therapy in your home when you call and will definitely go over it in detail in our first session. I want to make sure you understand and are comfortable with the online therapy format.

Advantages of Online Therapy

  • Texas is HUGE and it can be hard to find the right therapist in your area. Online therapy brings the therapist to you.

  • Physical limitations can make getting to or keeping appointments difficult. Sometimes surgery recovery or other physical situations can get in the way of keeping a session. Online therapy can bridge that gap.

  • Online therapy is convenient! Getting health care taken care of with all of the traffic and the distance involved in getting around the area can be challenging. No more panic attacks or anxiety about not getting to the office in time.

Disadvantages of Online Therapy

  • Online therapists have trouble responding immediately in a crisis situation. For instance, I will always make note of your location and a contact number before sessions because this mobile format means you can log-in to sessions anywhere in Texas. I need to be able to get emergency personnel to you if any kind of health event occurs (like an asthma attack).

  • Online therapy is not always recommended for serious psychiatric illnesses. There are instances where online therapy is not as hands-on as is beneficial and healing for clients. Some cases need coordinated care with a local provider.

  • Online therapy can sometimes miss important information. The missed information is primarily body movements that are important keys in the conversation that we have together. For instance, an uncomfortable topic might make you fidget or tense up. These are clues that I need to know so that we get the best conversational experience. We learn together to talk more about what is happening when we talk together (bodily sensations and movements.)

How Video Sessions Work

Video sessions take place on through the client portal at SimplePr​actice. Upon registering on the client portal you will see your appointment time. To attend the appointment simply use a device with a camera, microphone, speakers, and screen. If using video conferencing on the client portal simply click on your appointment and then click on “start session”.

How Phone Sessions Work

Phone sessions simply take place by you calling Chelsi at 682-557-3046 at your appointment time. Please be advised no EMDR sessions will be done through phone sessions (video sessions are required).

How Email Sessions Work

Email sessions take place only through the client portal. Upon registering on the client portal, and speaking to Chelsi about your email sessions, you will be able to securely message “email” Chelsi. Chelsi will respond to your emails within 24 hours’ time, excluding weekends and holidays. Please do not use your usual email client to send confidential information to Chelsi… it is not a secure platform! People at Google, Yahoo, or wherever can have access to your email and texts.

How to Handle Technology Issues

Technology issues are not expected. However, if you do encounter technology issues when trying to attend your session you can call Chelsi at 682-557-3046 to work through the issue.

Video Therapy Locations

State: Texas residents only


All communication between you and Chelsi is designed to either take place via a phone call or by using strong encryption. All records are also kept using strong encryption and security procedures. Please do not text Chelsi using standard SMS texting since it is not secure.

Can I use my insurance?

I am currently only accepting private pay clients, but will be accepting insurance at a later time please check back.

How do you decide your rates?

My private pay rates are competitive to the area served and the services provided. I am a specialist in the field of couples and individual therapy with years of post-graduate education, training, and credentials. Rates take into consideration my education, training, experience. Please note that payment is due at the time of service.

How long does therapy last and how often do I need to come?

The length of time therapy takes varies for each client and is influenced by the presenting problem as well as the goals of the counseling process. I prefer to see clients on a weekly basis for the first several months to develop an accurate understanding of who you are and your developmental history as well as understand your needs and formulate a specific treatment plan. Once we feel that progress has been made or your symptoms have improved, we can reduce frequency of treatment to biweekly, monthly, or as needed.

What is a Good Faith Estimate?

Good Faith Estimate Notice

As of January 1, 2022, all therapists are required to post this notice.

Notice to current and prospective clients


  • Under the new federal No Surprises Act, health care providers need to give clients who are not using insurance an estimate of the expected charges for medical services, including psychotherapy.

  • You have the right to receive a Good Faith Estimate for the total expected cost of any non-emergency healthcare services, including psychotherapy.

  • You can ask your health care provider for a Good Faith Estimate before your first session, or at any time during treatment.

  • If you receive a bill that is at least $400 more than your Good Faith Estimate, you can dispute the bill. So you might want to save a copy or photo of your Good Faith Estimate if you get one.

  • For more information about your right to a Good Faith Estimate, or how to dispute a bill, see your Estimate or

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