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Couples Counseling

Whether you have been together for five months or five years, couples therapy can help you take a deeper look at the foundation of your relationship, and identify its strengths and weaknesses. We work together to figure out how our individual selves impact the relationship, and how the relationship impacts our individual selves.

Couples come to see me when there has been a breakdown in communication, lack of intimacy, lack of trust, different opinions on parenting or finances, wanting a deeper connection with their partner, or when things are going well and both partners want a better understanding of how to maintain this stability moving forward.

Family Counseling

Even if you all grew up in the same household, you and your family members can be very different people. Large age gaps, natural differences in personalities, contrasting values or beliefs, and much more can lead to conflicts at home between loved ones.

More young people continuing to live in their family home after they reach adulthood and more families are now living in a “multi-generational” homes. In these families, people of very different ages and generations have to learn to co-exist.

Each of these challenges and living arrangements can result in disagreements, disengagement, and even serious conflict.

You can improve your relationships, creating authentic communication and respect to begin to heal past or current emotional wounds. You and each member of your family could feel validated, heard, and better understood.

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